2016 & 2017 Roof of the World (RoTW) Regattas

META continues to support the Roof of the World Regatta, where international sailing competitors come to Lake Karakul to participate in the highest sailing event in the world at 3,916m. Over three days the community of Karakul village welcomed and participated in regatta on-shore events and a great time was had by all. The 2017 event was a combined Swimrun and Sailing event from 24 July. All the latest information can be found on the RoTW Regatta Facebook page.

Read a report by Rustem Ilyasov & Tony Nelson


Other projects

Future projects

  • Rubbish dump in villages – separate enclosed area for waste disposal to tidy up Rangkul and Toktamish villages
  • Build an inventory of camping and trekking equipment to loan to drivers and guides
  • Partnering with international organisations to preserve historic sites and protect endangered wildlife and the environment

The Tajik diaries

One of our pleasurable successes in 2013 was in connecting the ‘One Steppe Ahead‘ team with the hunter/herder community in the Eastern Pamir. This led to some interesting stories that are now in the process of being documented in book and film.




META is also working with etc4CA to explore wind as a source of renewable energy in some of the towns and villages in Eastern Pamirs.

300W turbine in Alichur

Some of META’s previous projects include: